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About Luan

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Reader Extraordinaire, Luan Heslin is a natural born Psychic Medium. This means her gifts are genuine and natural. She was not mentored and did not learn how to be a reader and so forth or supposedly wake up one day and was suddenly gifted. You can expect that you will get the best service when you visit Luan Heslin or use her services. Those who underestimate her or who are skeptic about what she says, either fail to see the truth before it’s too late or too become her biggest fan. Luan’s devotion, dedication and commitment to her clients is unwavering and commendable. Whilst Luan has been referred to as an Earth Angel, Luan is no love and light type of reader although readings come from the purest of places. There is no candy coating or bullshitting – you get real insight but you also get REAL tools/insight to improve your life, no matter the prediction. Clients who take the advice from spirit, report back to me that it never fails them.

Plenty have tried to test the predictions, plenty have failed – the shitty outcomes predicted, when shown path choices, come to light, when that advice is not taken. Luan covers all areas. Love, life, death, spiritual, business, study, medical, employment, marriage, extra marital affairs, addictions, sex/intimacy and so forth. Luan brings joy and closure in death or relationships etc to those in need. Luan does not use tools more often than not, but can or will if spirit requires it. ALL insight is psychic medium/spirit insight. Luan has predicted many babies, relationships, marriages, divorces, affairs, thefts, deaths, cancer and other ailments incl. sexually transmitted diseases… the list is long and wonderful or not so, but even in your darkest hour, Luan will give you what you need to continue… she has lifted clients from the depths of hell… Arrive knowing this is a judgement free environment. Confidential readings always - NO PERSONAL OPINIONS. There is nothing you can say or do that will surprise Luan or bother her. It is not in her nature to be judgmental, nor is she PERMITTED to. Spiritual Couple Counselling? It’s a thing! Luan has helped save and mend plenty of friendships and relationships in her time. All it requires is your time – even if you are not feeling committed to the cause…

Working with passion Luan is incredibly sincere and genuine… most importantly, she is genuinely accurate! Ask any long term client and they will all say the reason they return time and time again is because of her accuracy, kindness, care factor. You do not get treated like a number. It’s often about the delivery and always about the genuine care and accuracy. Not only is Luan an exceptionally gifted reader but she is admired for her professionalism and high ethics when it comes to readings. Often referred to as the readers reader, a preferred reader to business colleagues. Luan has been called an Earth Angel, by many a client, due to her caring nature, informative and accurate insight. Luan is a member of the International Psychics Association.

✅Accurate and Direct – you won’t leave feeling confused

✅Friendly and upfront – professional but empathetic

✅Listens and does not judge any client ever!

✅Does NOT give personal opinion – anything said is pure insight and advice from the spirits ONLY.

✅Does NOT tell you what you WANT to hear – spirit advises how to deliver info & offer guidance of how to handle said insight. ✅It is advised that you come with an open mind and heart. Luan is known to often blow some clients minds… be it positive or negative. Some amount of skepticism can be healthy.

✅Down to earth personality, tells it like it is but is compassionate caring and gives insight to help you recover from hurts and pain in your life. Luan also does not put up with any nuisance. Bullies or clients who try to steer a reading or become aggressive will be given their marching orders.

✅Is highly knowledgeable in all spiritual areas and techniques.

✅However is not a pushover and can not be manipulated. There are plenty of people who fancy themselves as being a reader but really have huge shoes to fill when it comes to having genuine reading capabilities that Luan is known for…

Known for her accuracy & ability for specifics, detail in all areas… with repeat long term clients as far back as 30 years. If you want the truth, details and specifics, facts and info that will sometimes leave you mind blown, you want path choices, insight and advice, then Luan is the reader to see. Don’t waste your hard earned cash on fakes who only give you hit and miss insight and personal opinion. You go to a psychic for psychic insight, not a personal opinion – after all you can get one of those anywhere nowadays. If you’ve had a bad experience with other “readers”, this is nothing unusual seen by Luan who has spent years picking up the pieces from bad advice, poor insight, “readers” who mess with peoples lives as if it is not big deal. Luan has high ethics who takes your life and your reading very seriously.

Responses from clients often vary from:

“Wow how did you know that? I thought it but have never told a soul!” and

“Omg that perfectly describes that persons personality and that is something they would say!”

“Do you remember me, you saved my life. You told me I had cancer and where. You told me to go to the Drs ASAP or I would die. I went to the Dr who confirmed I did have cancer and said, if I had waited any longer, that I would have died!”

“I’ve used Luan’s services for 20 years and I have never used another reader ever since.”

“I was used to paying $60 or $80 for a reader over the years so when I saw Luan charged $160 per session, I was scared to spend the money, but I read her reviews and decided to take the risk. After I received my very first reading, I realised she was worth every cent. I also realised that she was so good at what she did, that I did not need to see her in person for a reading, so I saved money on the travel costs as well. I tell other friends to save up rather than pay cheaper rates elsewhere because a lot of those readers do not give all the information needed in first sessions, so you go back spending over and over, and it sometimes adds up to more than Luan charges, for information that really Luan includes in one session. They may as well have just paid her and received the truth and sometimes insight and info for many years in advance. I look forward to our readings.”

“A friend referred me to Luan and she has been life changing for the better. I refer her to friends who also refer her to their friends. We all love her.”

The reviews are far too many to share but these are just a few. Luan treats her clients with care and respect. Not a number and not a fool.

You can ask her anything you want, knowing you will be read without judgment, you will never receive a personal opinion and you will always be given life tools and advice that will genuinely help you.

All readings are completely confidential. ALL advice, insight and direction is given through spirit – it is directed through spirit advice, not a personal opinion. Readings through this website are sold under the Lucid Angel’s Wonderland® branding. Lucid Angel’s Wonderland is a registered trademark. We service and sell worldwide.

Luan is without ego, although very confident in what she does, because simply put, she is one of the best out there! and REAL!

Luan is also a business entrepreneur and owns several businesses and brands.


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