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Refunds & Reschedules

Thanks for shopping at site Psychic Medium Luan Heslin which represents the trademark Lucid Angel’s Wonderland. If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we’re here to help.


PAYMENTS All payments are made through the website, paypal, credit cards & square payment facilities and bank deposits. When required, you can also pay via card over the phone.

All bookings are prepaid to SECURE your appointment. You may pay cash PRIOR to your appointment (to secure it) BUT NOT on the day. This helps eliminate time wasters. If you make a booking with me, you MUST pay for it within 24hrs time.

CONTACT AFTER PAYMENT FOR SERVICE: Please note: If Luan does not hear from you via or via the facebook page Lucid Angels Wonderland, within 24-48 hrs, she will attempt to contact you via email or phone. This is a once off complimentary action. Luan will not and is to not be expected to continue to contact you to get you to fulfil your purchase. It is up to you to make the contact after that.

TRANSFERS OF SERVICES No purchase is transferrable to another individual unless it is expressly approved by Luan Heslin. This includes The Tarot Life™ services. Gift purchases are welcome but this must be expressed within 24hrs of your purchase to The Tarot Life™ This particular subscription is as per the landing page @ All terms and conditions are outlined there and here within. You may cancel the service at any time however, any annual payments are forfeited. The service is NOT transferable to someone else after receiving the first email. If a friend wishes to enjoy the same service, please ask them to subscribe themselves. This is not negotiable.

REFUNDS Digital downloads: No returns on the digital sales of music, recorded meditations, classes or other e-products once the transaction has been completed. This is due to the nature of the product and the immediate use capabilities of it. Private sessions: Non-refundable once paid. Occasionally transferable to another date or person. Payment in full due before work is completed.
This protects me from people cancelling, no shows or occasionally attempting to reschedule to suit themselves with no real genuine reason.

Illness: Luan is only human too! As much as she is referred to as an “earth angel”, that’s exactly what she is… earth… therefore, only human. Luan does not offer refunds, in the off chance she becomes ill and can not do your reading or service at the agreed or scheduled time frame you will be offered another time or booking when Luan is well enough to do so – meaning she may suggest she might be better to do an email reading in a few days time, IF she is better, however, by purchasing readings with Luan, you understand that you will NOT be given a refund in the case that SHE becomes ILL – just an offer of a reschedule, and that Luan is NOT obligated to make an official rescheduling, until she is well enough to do so. You understand that Luan follows a STRICT code of conduct and DOES NOT do readings when she is UNWELL unless she is directed to do so from SPIRIT. This is actually to the benefit of the client. This ensures you get 100% from Luan and her gift. Refund Policies Classes, Digital Goods and e-Courses: All payments for class tuition, downloadable meditations, e-books and courses are 100% non-refundable once paid.

Private appointments: All payments for readings, mentoring sessions, and private 1:1 work with Luan Heslin are 100% non-refundable once paid even if you cancel or do not show up for your appointment. Payments for other contractors and affiliates is also non refundable. I do not reschedule appointments or accept cancellations. Reschedules are applicable in the case that Luan becomes ill and can not read for you. Luan can reschedule as often as she needs to – if she is sick, she is sick and will not conduct business whilst sick, especially if it breaks the law ie COVID.
Please DO NOT come to appointments with colds, flus or any other seriously contagious disease. In this case, please contact Luan to discuss rescheduling possibility or conducting your service via PHONE or VIDEO ie ZOOM.
In the case that you are GENUINELY unwell with a contagious disease, Luan may make the exception. All paid for and donated one-time services such as readings, mentoring sessions and related packages, must be fully redeemed within six months from the original transaction or both the session and the payment is forfeited. In the case, business ceases before the six months, the payment is also forfeited. In the case, you attempt to argue a refund or go to an authority, you are aware that these terms conditions, disclaimers were on this website and will be used to defend the case. You also understand that Luan has the right to cancel any class or service and does not have to expose herself to threats, harm, uncomfortable situation or otherwise. She can cancel with little notice and without refund to you, particularly in the case that you have made the situation uncomfortable and therefore made it impossible to follow through with a service or class.

RESCHEDULING Rescheduling Once payment is made for booking a session, fees are 100% non-refundable, and unfortunately with a rise of people unnecessarily taking up my time with reschedules and cancellations, no shows etc, I no longer offer complimentary reschedules. To reschedule your session in the case of a personal or family emergency or contagious disease ONLY, simply send an email to .and Luan will decide if you fit the reschedule criteria. All sessions must begin promptly & on time. If you are late, an extension of time beyond the allotted time slot, is not available. So if you are 45 minutes late to an hour session, Luan is obligated to only give you a 15 minute reading and no more, even at a later date (meaning you can not reschedule time left to another date and time, by being late you forfeited that time). Technology & Rescheduling In the case that technology is a part of your service and the internet, power or phone etc is randomly not working (technical issues) at Luan’s end, reschedules are permitted of course. Rescheduling for use of Gifts and or Gift Vouchers Out of courtesy for the purchaser of gifts, recipients will get one chance ONLY to reschedule. In the case, you miss or attempt to reschedule a 2nd time, that is on you! There are no refunds or changes to these purchases and I am obligated to let the purchaser know the details surrounding 2 missed appointments. Again, I do not refund monies. You also understand that Luan has the right to cancel any class or service and does not have to expose herself to threats, harm, uncomfortable situation or otherwise. She can cancel with little notice and without refund to you, particularly in the case that you have made the situation uncomfortable and therefore made it impossible to follow through with a service or class. × For additional information in this section, create your own Return & Refund Policy. Transferring to another service type Luan does not allow changes of services. Especially last minute and any other changes made days before due service is at the discretion of Luan and whether she wants to or feels it is suitable. In this scenario, where a service change is wanted and not issued, there is no refund. Refunds extra Once we receive your item, we will inspect it and notify you that we have received your returned item. We will immediately notify you on the status of your refund after inspecting the item. If your return is approved, we will initiate a refund to your credit card (or original method of payment). You will receive the credit within a certain amount of days, depending on your card issuer’s policies. As above however, readings are not entitled to refunds. × For additional information in this section, create your own Return & Refund Policy. Where you insist on a refund prior to a booking or arrangement of booking (that I am NOT obligated to do and I will not always give, especially if the reasons are not genuine or serious) and you refuse to reschedule etc. there will be a cancellation fee of $60 & minus any associated fees ie bank and paypal fees. This is to cover me for loss of income, time wasted making bookings etc. BUT more often than not, refunds are refused and I am not obligated to give them – my terms and conditions are clear – prepay to secure a booking, don’t show up, change your mind = no refund. I will also not allow a rebooking where you have insisted on a refund and refusal to reschedule, which means you can never use my service again. Any insistence of a refunds for genuine reasons must be done 14 days prior to a booking. Please note: I do not do refunds, this paragraph is for exceptional circumstances ONLY and I will not be bullied or threatened into giving refunds where you have refused to book. There are NO REFUNDS given to readings especially where refusal to reschedule occurs due to non payment to secure a booking within that time frame (even where you have paid but lost the booking security ie someone else was given your appointment because you did not pay within 2-24hrs – you are expected to reschedule). DISCOUNT CODES: Discount codes are only available through the shop website and not the booking system (unfortunately). We can not and will not apply discounts after the fact. If you want to use a discount code, please buy a reading in the SHOP using that code and then msg Luan to book in – DO NOT book in and then ask for a refund. Also, if a code is old and not applicable anymore then we will not apply it. If a code is not even relevant anymore re: not in the system, we also will not be forced to add it. Please respect this is a business and we conduct sales and coupon codes as any business would. Once the sale is up, it is up. IF you are suffering GENUINE financial hardship however, Luan may consider applying the discount BUT not having much money because you want to save it for something or someone else OR just prioritising your money re the reading isn’t a priority, this is not a good enough reason at all. Shipping You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are non­refundable. If you receive a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund. Refusal to Offer Service Every now and then, Luan does refuse the offer to service. In this case, you will usually be refunded your money and receive a notification of cancellation. Generally, Luan only cancels on those the spirits tell her to or she feels or see wish her harm in some way. You accept that this is Luans right to do so and will show acceptance if this is the case. If Luan refuses service because you have been abusive, threatening or aggressive or because you arrived 5 mins prior the end of your scheduled time and demand the entire booked time slot of 1 hour, even though you are 55 mins late, you are not entitled to a refund or reschedule. In the scenario a reading or event is rescheduled with Luans permission and continues to be rescheduled, Luan can and will conclude the demise of the service capability and give credit or no refund – whichever is applicable to the situation. Changes to addresses and venues for events and psychic parties: No client is permitted to change an address within 7 days of an event booking. Any changes to addresses must also be confirmed and approved. We can not guarantee an agreement to venues and addresses and refunds are not possible. No refund is given where we can not or refuse to allow an address change. Weather conditions that effect the safety of any person or client associated to Luan Heslin and her businesses, also give Luan the right to reschedule or cancel events or services and credit given. Returns and Refunds Policy If you are dissatisfied with an item (goods not services), you can return some goods for a full refund. The item must be returned to us, at your expense, within ten days of receipt and in excellent saleable condition with all packaging material, brochures and instruction materials etc included. If the item is damaged in transit back to us because of poor repacking, we reserve the right to refuse a refund. GOODS AND INVOICES MUST BE CHECKED ON ARRIVAL. ALL DISCREPANCIES, INCORRECT OR DAMAGED GOODS MUST BE NOTIFIED TO US WITHIN 3 DAYS OF RECEIPT, OTHERWISE CLAIMS WILL NOT BE RECOGNISED. 

For faulty items, we will replace or repair the item where feasible, or we will refund all or part of the purchase amount. Please email us at within the 3-day time limit with details of the faulty item/s as follows and include photos if possible. Order No. Name Address Goods ordered Problem(s) with goods Proposed solution (i.e) Replacement Damaged items will then need to be returned to us, however, goods for return will not be accepted without prior arrangement and authorisation by a representative. All freight charges for returning items will be the responsibility of the buyer unless otherwise agreed by us. If we accept responsibility for return freight costs, those costs must be reasonable and not excessive – it is up to you to repack the goods with adequate padding in a properly sized box for the goods and not an oversized box. Australia Post and Couriers charge per cubic measurement and not necessarily dead weight. Please contact us if you have any queries about repacking goods. Never send an item back before contacting us first and agreeing on a remedy. We may be able to come up with an alternative solution that will save you from having to return the item. We take no responsibility for damages and losses that occur during shipping. That means, if something does arrive broken due to poor transit conditions, we do not take responsibility.

Please do not damage the packaging and always send back the item in its original packaging unused, undamaged and unmarked otherwise we may charge a repacking fee. We do not guarantee that the products you receive will be exactly the same as those displayed in the photos on this website. Slight differences between the product and the website photos that don’t affect the functionality of the product are not grounds for a refund. Manufacturers sometimes make slight changes to products without letting us know, making it difficult for us to always have the website photos updated before the modified products go out. In addition, many of our products are handmade and variations are part of the character of the product and should not be considered a fault. Returns will not be accepted on International Orders. Cancellations You have the right to cancel an order at any time before shipment.

Any such cancellations need to be received by us via email. If the order has not been dispatched we will immediately refund you if your payment has been processed, minus a 3% surcharge if paid via credit card transaction. However, please note that we generally ship out goods the same day the order is received, in which case cancellation of your order will not be possible. Delivery Normal delivery times are: NSW 1-3 days, Victoria and South to Mid Queensland 3-5 days, South Australia 5-7 days, North Queensland and Tasmania 7-9 days, WA and NT 9-12 days.

International postage times vary – please send an email and we will estimate delivery time for you. Please note Lucid Angel’s Wonderland does not offer ‘same day’ or “next day” delivery. Our experience indicates that most “Express” parcels we send will be delivered in a similar time frame as Regular Post parcels.

International postage times do vary and can be anywhere from 7 days to 7 weeks, dependent on where the items in located ie warehouses.

Out Of Stock Items Whilst we make every effort to carry ample stock of all products at all times, it is sometimes impossible to predict demand which can at times lead to items being out of stock for a short period of time.

Most items are usually on order from the distributor and stocks are generally replenished regularly. In these circumstances, we will endeavour to dispatch your order within three days from the date of purchase. However, if we are out of stock of an item for longer than this and payment has been made we will generate a credit to your account or a refund can be requested.

Occasionally, we may have items “in stock” but on processing your orders, realise there is no stock available. You may be offered a refund, a delay in that item being shipped to you. Whatever the case, we will contact you. Overseas postage on goods YES we do post overseas. Some stock comes direct from other countries so does not effect the postage costs. If you see HIGH postage costs, it is because we are shipping FROM Australia. Confidentiality *Entrapment and trickery etc. In the context that Luan knows a client is lying/testing due to seen or heard content of reading material not intended for them, Luan has the right to refuse service. In the case where you are attempting entrapment or trickery to prove a difference of reading content etc there will be a charge of the full fee you paid. By buying readings from Luan, you agree that you are honest in your approach and purchases of.

RUDENESS AND AGGRESSIVENESS especially associated to rescheduling if Luan is ill, will result in cancelation of your services permanently and you will not receive a refund. Luan and her team have the right to receiving politeness and the right to feel safe. If Luan or her booking team feeling unsafe or feel you are being rude or aggressive, we reserve the right to protect ourselves.
We understand that rescheduling if Luan is unwell could be frustrating but this is no excuse for being rude and will not be tolerated. If you make Luan or her team feel uncomfortable due to you choice of words, you understand we will cancel your service and not refund your paid fees.


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