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How to Prepare

The biggest question. What do I bring with me or need for my reading?


Plenty of people try to trick Luan. It never works. Just be honest.

1. Spirit dislikes people wasting his time (although both him and Luan understand that people/new clients are sceptical so will try to check), so please just be open and upfront. In saying that, it’s your paid time, so if you want to waste it with trickery & lies or denial, you don’t get that time back.
When Luan shuts you down and calls you out, and she will – it’s you who will be red faced.

2. Being angry and upset is a normal fact and part of life. However, aggressive behaviour towards Luan, being rude, or the refusal to listen during the reading of the insight and advice, will not be tolerated and you may be asked to leave.
No one can tell you what to do with the information after the reading but during it, you are expected to hear spirit out.


Whilst Luan does not NEED photos and can adequately predict and describe personalities without them etc, she does like to look at a photo sometimes. So best to bring them with you. Specifically if you are asking about several people.


Specific and to the point questions are best. ie I split up with my boyfriend last week and want to know if we will get back together. General information will always be given where it is relevant but why waste time and play games to see what comes out when you can just ask and get a direct, specific and accurate answer?


Come relaxed, in comfortable clothing. Perhaps some meditation, cleansing etc if you are into that sort of thing. May help open you up a little more. Be sure to ask your own guide or spirit to keep you in the light but you can be assured that you will not pick up bad energy with Luans services. In fact, she will cleanse you, should you arrive with energy that does not belong there. So don’t worry, unlike unprofessional readers, you are receiving a quality, free from entities service!

Try to drink water before your reading.


You may write down predictions and advice or record it. You may not ever share the content of those recordings, especially if someone is spoken of or about during your session.


Spirit will only give you what you can handle, however, it will be the truth or what you are allowed to know on the day.
The information you receive is for a reason and Luan and spirit will provide you with the tools to copy with information that comes across. So don’t worry, you are in amazing hands!

If you are nervous Luan will know and will help you through it.


Or read none of this and just come as you are, because Luan will direct, guide and assist you along the way 😉



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